Molds that are obtained via Omega Sinto Fast-Loop mold and casting line and ground mold are made with resin with Alfaset sand system. It is applied in this process in processes such as washing-painting for design. After the control of the sampled product is approved by the quality control unit, the model is given to the molding line again for mass production and production starts. Our machines and capacities in molding and core sections;


  • Omega Sinto Size 4 Molding and Casting Line,
  • Floor molding line,
  • Heat Reclamation Unit 
  • Thermal Sand Reclamation Unit
  • 8 kg Core machine,
  • 15 kg Core machine,
  • 20 kg Core Machine,
  • Lostfoam – Molding and Casting Line,
  • 2x 20 tons / hour – Double Sleeve Sand Mixer,
  • 10 ton/hour – Double Arm Sand Mixer,
  • 5 tons/hour – Sand Mixer.