We have various processing centers in order to make the necessary machining processes in our machining line;


  • 8 “CNC Lathe,
  • 10″ CNC Lathe,
  • 15 “CNC Lathe,
  • CNC 2200X1700 H 900 mm Double Column Vertical Milling Machine,
  • CNC 1200X700 H 650 mm 4 axis vertical milling machine,
  • CNC 1400X800 H 650 mm Vertical Milling Machine,
  • CNC 1600×800 H 700 mm Vertical Milling Machine,
  • YOU JI – VTL4000ATC + C-II CNC vertical lathe,
  • 1300×450 Y 500 mm Universal Milling,
  • Double Head Milling 1300×350 H 400 mm,
  • Double Head Milling 1200×450 H 400 mm,
  • Radial drill 1800 x 360 ° H 2000 mm,
  • Surface shaper machine,
  • BORWERK 1800X1200 H 1200mm,
  • BORWERK 3800X5000 H 2100 mm,
  • Vertical drill machine,
  • 150 tons of press machine.


Machining surface and machining tolerances are decided in accordance with the technical drawings. We assemble the products we produce for the energy sector in our factory. We provide on-site service with our expert teams for the grill mounted and de-assembly of energy boilers. Dimensional controls of the product are archived at every stage and we meet customer requests at the desired tolerances