Quality Policy



Under the high competition conditions available in the casting sector, DOKUMAS efforts to realize and complete its entire production activities for least possible costs and undertakes to provide and supply only highest quality products and services that meet the expectations of our customers.

In the direction of this purpose, DOKUMAS entirely fulfills and fully conforms with the quality, environment, work health and safety rules in and during any and all stages of its entire activities. Our main target is to achieve the right production in the first time. To achieve this target, we have been closely following the technological and scientific developments. With our high-quality product and service consciousness, we have been also efforting to increase our company’s competition power. Whenever there happens and/or occurs any unconformities inside the service and production processes, we have been always and immediately starting corrective and preventive actions, in order to achieve the continuity of our high-quality products and services.

With the help of management’s periodical reviews, DOKUMAS has been defining and determining the quality targets and acts accordingly, in order to realize these targets and in order to achieve the customer satisfaction continuously all the times.

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