was established, in order to achieve a production with a capacity of 1.000 tons per year in the year of 2007. In the year of 2016 and with the investments, which we made in the year of 2016, DOKUMAS had been moved to our existing new and modern plant, having an indoor area of 15.000 m², built on a land of 30.000 m², that is located in the Malatya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), in order to achieve a production with a capacity of 5.000 tons per year. We have been continuing our entire production activities in our new and modern plant.


DOKUMAS exports 80% of its products to other countries and has been progressing step by step in the right way to becoming a worldwide known trademark in this sector. With our personnel, specialized in their own fields and using the latest developments in the technology, we have been working in the field of steel and cast-iron productions.


DOKUMAS targets to become a worldwide known trademark in this sector, through combining its expertness, high-quality and competition power in the casting sector together with its own institutional structure.
Our company is specialized in production of high temperature, wear and impact resistant spare parts and we have been increasing range of our products.


DOKUMAS has been regularly auditing its production processes in accordance with the Quality Management System of ISO 9001-2008 and carrying out our productions according to our customers’ specifications and expectations.
Our products are being produced in accordance with the DIN, TSE, EN, ASME and other relevant standards and controlled with destructive and nondestructive test within the certain production stages.

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